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Elliot Clarke

Elliot Clarke
Nature is vigorous in withering.
You ravish it; she kills you completely.

Uche Nduka
Uche Nduka
la singla!
the fire of your feet
the art of your fire
la singla!

Roi Kwabena           
Cambrian peaks frame shooting
stars that hover with drenched cardigan's amazement
by one luna's rainfall measure in an hour
flooding summer news, blood of the innocents,
parents beseeching "get our boys back home"
so no tears- armed serving daughters
rumours of impeachment abound

Emmanuel Sigauke
The woman meant to be my mother
is my mother now; I who scream in mbuya's arms,
as mother coils in pain, holding groin ---
they say she never recovered; the war arrived,
burned the land, wrought change,threatened us with independence,
but mother never lived to see all this;
they say she raced to join the man
who had planted a legacy,


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Nike Adesuyi
Eats the communion pie at your vaulting altar-
I Progenitor of Victors, wearer of Nike shoes,
I will wear the word on my sleeves
For the world to swoon at

I am what you say I am: the beauty of jewelled words
Coasting homewards to the sensuous peak of lights


Msiska Mpalive
The day ends as it started,
Between barriers of space and time,
To the colours of a homeless rainbow,
An evening of concrete words
in the edifice of an iron jungle
A solid empire of coins with faces from the sky,


Anietie Isong
Lagos envelopes me like a fog.
There are no jobs here. No vacancies.
Never mind the adverts littering our dailies.
My CVs lie fallow on mahogany desks.
There’s no respite for the poor.
None. None at all.

Obododimma Oha

A poem that is a poem
Walks in
Measuring its footsteps
Talks, only because it has to
Its presence already speech

Not vain, it comes
Dressed light

  Jack Mapanje
So, define her separately,
She is not just another
Castaway washed up your
Rough seas like driftwood,
It’s the nameless battles
Your sages burdened on her
People that broke her back;
Define him differently,
He is not another squirrel
Ousted from your poplars,

brighton ascends,
then descends the hills
as the sun and the sea
converge on us.
there, where the sun stretches out in our eyes,
the sky lies as an illusion of water,
un-quenching thirsts.


Amatorisero Ede
not in love
with a skinhead
who is not in love with christ or krishna
the dog barked in one huge bound
upon a giddy crest

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