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Helon Habila Click for "The Immigrant" Click for "The Immigrant"
Helon Habila

'He hadn’t expected someone like his neighbour, Osasa, who was almost fifty, to be married to someone so young. She couldn’t be up to thirty. When she asked him to stay for lunch he said yes, even though he had planned to have lunch with his friends. At lunch he found out more about her: she was a nurse, she had no children, and she lived with her sister-in-law because they had sold their house two years ago when Osasa was leaving for America after winning the diversity visa lottery. She said this innocently, ‘He needed to go with some money because we weren’t sure what America was going to be like.’'

The Immigrant

Ike Okonta Click for "The Season of the Typhoid"
Ike Okonta

'He felt the gulf between himself and these denizens of the road keenly. They took each day for what it had to offer. He faced each day on the road with loathing and trepidation. The long hours and hard grinding work agreed with them; a little part of him died each day on the road. They were in their element. The four years he had spent in the university had not prepared him for this.'

The Season of the Typhoid

Chuma Nwokolo Tales by Conversation; Accounting for Drunks; Chuma Nwokolo

Chuma Nwokolo, Jr.

Are you using the rest of that beer?
The remaining beer in your bottle. You look like a weight-watcher — and me, I don’t mind the pot-belly.
Ah... I can buy you a fresh bottle, if that is what you want...
God bless you!
Call him Sule and the beer comes faster.
' Scuse the embarrassment, that’s just me.
That’s okay; I get broke myself, now and again,
As for! Me, I'm broke again and again.

Tales by Conversation

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