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Ikhide Ikheloa

Ikhide Ikheloa

"Helon Habila is an interesting writer – of short stories. With the short story as a canvas, he takes his work ethic, mixes it up with his excellent powers of observation of the human condition and finishes up his patented recipe with a delicious dollop of prose poetry. With the short story Habila struts his stuff, gently telling complex truths with the aid of simple enchanting prose. Unfortunately, the novel as a medium of expression undermines Habila's strengths and exaggerates his weaknesses.’'

Ikhide on Helon

Zukiswa Dangarambga

Zukiswa Wanner

"In the The Book of Not, set mostly at the high school Tambu attends, the author shows the struggles of young Tambu in a pre-independence Zimbabwe and a post-independent Rhodesia as she attempts to fit in as one of a handful of black students at a largely white private girls’ school. Tambu takes heed of her uncle’s words and believes that with education she can earn the world’s respect but this meets with disillusionment, when, after she gets the best O Level results, a less qualified person is given the school honours. ’'

Wanner on Dangarembga

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