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Tade Ipadeola


Placenames: Fiditi

Tade Ipadeola

I woke up each morning from my ‘English’ bed, a laddish individual, Monsieur Ipadeola’s son, and got immersed into a  complex Yoruba universe in which the very pronoun used in greeting me was plural, generic, and vested with undefined responsibilities.

But it is hard to blame any foreigners for speaking so confidently of ‘Africa’ when public debates on issues like indecent dressing and homosexuality in Nigeria always have people arguing that such “immorality” is patently “un-African!”



We are all Africans

Tolu Ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi
Isabella Morris


Cruising the Nile with Agatha Christie

Isabella Morris


The pink hotel where Agatha Christie researched and penned her novel Death on the Nile, faces the Nile and Elephantine Island. .



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