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African Writing Archives


James Currey


James Currey

interviewed by

Nourdin Bejjit

The use of “black”, over the years, has shifted. Hasn’t it? The rough and ready philosophy about the African Writers Series was that the writers should been born in Africa or spent their formative years there.

Doris Lessing wasn’t born there,

I consider myself a writer who writes in French. Yet, I welcome the idea to be considered a Senegalese writer. I spent my early childhood in Pikine in Senegal and I came to Drancy in France at the age of six. I speak my language fluently and I know the history of my country very well...

The question of belonging is not stupid at all. [T]here are writers such as Beckett, Adamov, Ionesco who are Irish, Russian, or Romanian and who chose to write in French, yet they are considered French writers, not francophone writers. Isn’t that absurd?


Mamadou Mahmoud N'Dongo

interviewed by

Jarmo Pikkujamsa

Mamadou Mahmoud N'Dongo
Rosemary Ekosso


Rosemary Ekosso

interviewed by

Dibussi Tande


The King of Rats is a repository of all that I find wrong with men, especially those middle-aged and elderly men who run (and often ruin) everyone’s lives. Mind you, this is not a sweeping condemnation of all men of a certain age. I am glad to say that I know many men of honour and integrity who are middle-aged. But the bad ones exist. I had in mind the Kadiye in Wole Soyinka’s The Swamp Dwellers when I planned this character.


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