Reader Survey One

Readers are the reason we continue to publish. They are not merely our market but also our community - the support group that inspires improvements to the services we offer. We ask our readers to honour our commitment to them by engaging with this survey. Information provided here is for our exclusive use and will not be passed on to third parties.

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7. What is the main reason why you read AFRICAN WRITING?
8. What features or content of the magazine please you most?
9. What improvements or changes would you recommend to the magazine
10. Would you buy a print version of AFRICAN WRITING?
11. If your last answer was 'Yes', how would you prefer to buy your print magazine?
12. What other literary or cultural publications do you also read? (Including Online Magazines)
13. How do you rate AFRICAN WRITING Online? (5 = Most Satisfactory)
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Quality of Writing
Diversity of Contributors
Diversity of Content
Entertainment Value
Uniqueness Value
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16. Any Further Information or Feedback
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