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African Writing Archives


Fiona Jamieson


Rageddy Horses

Fiona Jamieson

I learned much from that raggedy herd...Whenever I am troubled that my efforts may not be good enough in the great arena of creative art, I see those little faces, those magical little horses, and I keep on writing.

We all wait now: for him to ... utter those magic words at any of his weekend shows: "Brothers and sisters, e be like say i go play una my new number next week"


Finessing the Groove

Funsho Ogundipe

Funsho Ogundipe
Isabella Morris


Rethinking City Hall

Isabella Morris

One distressed mother, Patricia, who was unable to cope with the trauma of her experience, tried to strangle her three month-old daughter Priscilla several times, fortunately she was stopped by other mothers in the nursery.

Writing is hard. It took me six days of intensive workshops and lectures to come to that, often forgotten, conclusion. Those who are lucky to have found a way to write things others can feel, in the writing world, are blessed.


Rudolf Okonkwo


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