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Mukoma wa Ngugi


Walking the Wok

Mukoma wa Ngugi

“But look people, the wok, it’s not even Chinese…everyone in Asia uses a wok…”
      Someone slapped the sco from my hand and slowly ground it to its death. 
     “In Africa, the wok is Chinese,” a voice said sounding dangerous.


First off, they were just eggs. This she underlined. Eggs are only part of the equation, not a child, only an ingredient, she underlined it again, but in truth, she had been too touched by her memories ...to think of eggs as a mere commodity;


Venus and the Cat

Alex Smith
Alex Smith
Arja Salafranca



Arja Salafranca

When Isaac was called up, he swayed back and forth, wailing, saying he didn’t know he didn’t know.... again and again. He walked away with the name of Eselskopf, donkey’s head, of all names. The clerks could be malicious.

He said to her one night, incredulous, ‘You left Zambia for this? This crowded, dirty place where the sun is always blanketed by dirt and cloud?’ 

The laughter that Sarah had given him had gone. He had not come back again after that visit,


Paula Leyden


Paula Leyden
Agatha Zaza


The Chosen Child

Mwila Agatha Zaza

'Any way, she was badly hurt by the savages, the military. I had produced the gun. I don’t know why she had to go through that. It was four of them that ravaged her,' The old man hastily drew off his head turban and covered his face in it. 'Allah! Allah! He wept. ’


Old Ibren

Bashir Abdul Adan


Bashir Abdul Adan
Chuma Nwokolo


The Redemption of Pati Mugodo


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