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African Writing Archives

  Don Mattera
Don Mattera

  Adriana Garriga Lopez
Adriana Garriga Lopez

  Traveling the fluted plains
of negative affect

I encounter your shadow
holding court over my own

lobster tail sentiments
full of salty soul meat

a buttery, congealed slime
a bucket of crabs

  Damilola Ajayi
Damilola Ajayi
I know clinical heavens
Where the hopes of doctors
Levitate when they die

African Writing is not all about writing. Sometimes, beyond the picture and the words, the poem is best conveyed in voice. We are also happy to receive your audio submissions alongside your text for our online editions. Please send (wav/ogg/aiff/wma/mp3) files to the  editor.

    Farouk Sesay
Farouk Oumar Sesay

The day after you died
The sky played the rain song again
Showers patters and splatters
 Like the music in your “Farewell to My dying Land’’
We danced the funeral dance of our land
On the ambers of our memories
Just like the day before you died


  Belinda Otas
Belinda Otas

If I wan fry am, na my hair
If I wan geritate am, na my hair
If I decide say na weave I wan wear,
Na my hair, I pay for am


  Zainabu Jallo
Zainabu Jallo


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I have just finished reading Mukoma wa Ngugi’s Nairobi Heat and I am a convert and not ashamed to yell it on the mountains. Zukiswa
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