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African Writing Archives

Mukoma wa Ngugi
Walking the Wok
New short ficiton from Mukoma wa Ngugi, author of Nairobi Heat
A Cultured Sea
A long gaze from Nile to sea, from Puerto Rican poet, Adriana Garriga-Lopez
Venus and the Cat
Donor Remorse strikes after a young lady trades her eggs for tango shoes. Short story from South Africa's Alex Smith
Place Names: Shiashie
Nana Brew-Hammond writes on a Ghanaian village... African writers introduce their favourite places in our regular column.
Old Ibren
A short story after Chekov's Vanka, by Somalian writer, Bashir Abdul Adan
A Search for all Things Yellow
Three poems from Zainabu Jallo
Na My Hair
Belinda Otas responds to Chris Rock's comic skit on the hair choices of Black women with some pidgin English poetry

Achebe's Education
Zoe Norridge reviews Achebe's latest book, The Education of a British-Protected child
The Wonder
Tola Ositelu wonders if Diana Evans' second novel stands up to the challenge of her debut, 26a
Turning Tables
Peter W. Vakunta reviews Abdourahman A. Waberi's subversive In the United States of Africa
State of the Nation
Memory Chirere reviews an anthology of Zimbabwean poets

Chika Unigwe
  How to be an African
Chika Unigwe with tongue-in-cheek advice for the new migrant
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The Lola Shoneyin Interview
Victor Ehikhamenor    

The Laila Lalami Interview

The Sarah Manyika Interview, with Ovo Adagha

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Remembering Dennis Brutus
Brutus and the Orphean Troubadour
Obiwu examines the poetic heritage of the late South African writer
Dennis Brutus; by Mathew Bradley
  A Sporting Chance
Rose Francis recalls a sporting activist crucial to the dismantling of Apartheid
A Final Exile
A Don Mattera poem dedicated to Dennis Brutus
My Good Friend, Brutus
Maxim Uzoatu on the old poet he once badgered for a dictionary

The Chosen One
Agatha Zaza's short fiction; a 40-year-old career woman in Lusaka stuns her friends with a decision to adopt...
Clinical Blues
A suite of medical poems from Damilola Ajayi
Rivka could not get over her new name. All she wanted was to be a Mrs Rosewater, but she ended up Mrs Grease. Fiction from Arja Salafranca
    Oumar Farouk Sesay
The Final Metaphor
Sierra Leonean writer, Oumar Farouk Sesay, with a poetic tribute to an old  friend
Tales by Conversation
Links to our column on conversational tales

The Redemption of Pati Mugodo
The sheep had gone astray and the pastor was on a sensitive rescue mission - but the 'wolf' didn't look half bad... an Nwokolo tale
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