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Agatha Zaza

A Saturday Afternoon on a Tree-Lined Street

Agatha Zaza

Litiya stopped in the shade of a tree where she could observe them walking hand in hand, smiling and talking. Their fat wobbled in unison. They were clean and everything about them was new.

My seedlings grew into saplings. The one was healthy, but the other never quite shook off the gnawing trauma of the goat’s attack.



Orange Crush

Chuma Nwokolo
Chuma Nwokolo
Crispin Udoubok Mfon-Abasi


This is Lagos

Crispin Oduobuk-MfonAbasi


He loved Pauline. Best girl he’d ever known. Didn’t talk much. A bit stubborn, yes. But she hadn’t allowed her fine face to turn her into a proud and pompous bitch. He would marry her.


At first Tamuka just stood near Mr Goop's capsule, but when he saw tears roll down its expressionaless face, it all fell into place. Tamuka immediately crawled inside the capsule with Mr. Goop, something he had not done for years.


Ivor Hartmann



Ivor Hartmann
Samed Aydin



Samed Aydin



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